Can we claim victory if opponent leaves *and starts a new game?*

The topic of opponents leaving instead of resigning is old and boring, I know.

But a couple times I've noticed my opponent leaves the game, their status marker switches from green to grey, and yet when I hover over their name they have already started a new game.

I get that there is no rule against parallel games, but would be nice if LiChess could detect these scenarios and offer the usual "claim draw/victory" box. I'm sure if a player abandons a game and starts another, especially in blitz, it is pretty safe to assume they are being dicks and not suddenly playing some impromptu personal simul :)

Theoretically, there's a possibility for your opponent to play several games at once. I once had an opponent who constantly switched between me and someone else.
If the opponent doesn't come back for some minute, you'll be able to claim victory, I think that's how it works.

@OnlyStupidNamesLeft: I have had cases where the "claim victory" box hasn't shown up at all, or it has taken a surprisingly long time considering they have clearly abandoned the game.

Switching between games is fine of course. But there are some pretty clear cut cases that might not be that hard to implement a check for, like if they play several moves in a new game while their clock is running in the first one (especially in fast time controls).

Won't be on the top of the feature request list I'm sure, just one of those little annoying things.

I for one would welcome stricter logic for catching abandoned games, but of course I don't have the data to judge how many legitimate disconnections would be punished by it.

All right.
If the opponent is disconnected from the game for more than 5 minutes-automatically triggered function "request a victory"

I don't mind waiting for an opponent to return. I know it could be consider unsportsmanlike to ragequit if the opponent just made a blunder but I'd like to give a benefit of the doubt that their internet is out or just thinking.

However when I see the player clearly starting a new game then end the game. It's in that moment it's clear to me the player has resigned. There should be a flag that forces those accounts to resign before they can start new games. This should apply to those who ragequit frequently.

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