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  3. Can the size of studies ever be increased?

Someone told me you can only have 64 chapters. Is this something that will ever be increased or is it not possible? Thanks.

yes it appears that's true. I don't see a technical limitation for increasing it -- do you have a use case that required more chapters?

From a UI perspective I think we'd want to have a way to search for a chapter or else large studies could get annoying to navigate around.

I am working through My system and it will be annoying to have to break it up into 4 or 5 different studies. Thibault has already said that the only way around it is to create a new study once the limit is reached.

doesn't that book have chapters?

Yeah it does. Maybe I'll start again and do 1 study for each chapter. Might be easier to read that way. I didn't know there was a limit when I started.