But why do I need a "better" browser?

My browser is perfectly capable of receiving and sending chess moves, in fact, I can use it to send and receive moves at places like, chesscube, chess24, sparkchess, and pretty much any other chess playing site on the internet. Even right now, at Lichess, I can play, and use everything the site has to offer.

And yet, me, and other users with "worse" browsers are getting ditched from the site, unless we "upgrade" to a "better" browser, for who knows what new feature I'm not interested in, and don't care about.

It's clear that at some point Thibault Duplessis stopped caring about users like me and cared more about what technology his site uses, for whatever reason.

We now live in a time where you can't play chess in a website comfortably even though being able to send and receive chess moves should be enough. It should be enough. New roads are being built, and classic cars aren't welcome anymore. Got a beatiful Lamborghini? A Ferrari GTO? Oh, sorry, our roads no longer support yould old car, please go get a new one.

I really enjoyed my stay at Lichess all these years, it was clearly superior to anything else out there, I could have never imagined quitting the place. And yet, here we are, I'm not welcome anymore because of my Browser, even though, if something works great currently and it's getting "fixed" to no longer work, it's clear what is "worse" is Lichess.

V2 should have been optional.

This is Ovyron, signing out.

Oh, and one last thing, after signing out it said "Play chess everywhere", which is no longer true, change it to "Play chess everywhere, except the Browsers we don't support", to be more accurate.

I was unable to download a browser update of nearly 3.1 MB. Can you believe @thibault? He doesn't care about us chess players, and I need to buy a Lamborghini.

Thibault cares more about the code than me because he wants to build a better and more comfortable website.

This is more than 3.1 MB at stake. This clearly shows the corruption of moderators. I've been a proud member of Internet Explorer, and yet they demand me to upgrade?

This is pLeXuSqUaRtZ signing out.

Oh, and one last thing, after signing out it said " - Free Online Chess", which is no longer true, change it to " - Free Online Chess with a D O W N L O A D", to be more accurate.

v1 already has browser requirements, for instance it's not compatible with IE 10. I just updated these requirements. Ah well, good bye.

I complain with every new automobile standard upgrade (along with most computer upgrades). Electric windows are a burden to me, I don't need or want an airbag, and what's up with heated seats. I've become frustrated enough that I've stopped buying cars.

Although I doubt that you will ever find a better site, I support your decision.

Every user can make own browser/application using open lichess API :) Any way, it will be possible just make own app, this is very cool! :) /this is not irony/

It's nice to know that people who can't upgrade a browser will disappear from the forums, too :)

Another metaphor for the change : did you guys complain to the convenience stores when they stopped stocking candles because electricity had come around ?

Because if you see this , it means that your browser is too old and doesn't have features required to render v2 correctly.
You have to update.
If you are using an outdated OS and unable to update, you should consider upgrading your OS. As it's also a security hazard. Linux is free, you can try it out on a bootable USB stick.
If your hardware is too old that you for some reason cannot upgrade OS, you can use the app and play on the phone or consider buying a cheap used computer, you don't have to spend a fortune to get one that will work with v2.

TIL that IE8 = a classic car. The security vulnerabilities are just lovable little quirks. Also can't beat that timeless design. She's a real head-turner.