BUG REPORT - please acknowledge

There is a bug with the "friends online" tab NOT displaying bots (possibly other players too) when they ARE actually online.

Would someone from Lichess please acknowledge they are aware of the situation? I know you are busy and I'm grateful for all you do for us , I'd just like to know if you got the message and you'll look into it when you get time. OK ?


You never write, you never call! You know, your mother's very worried about you!

@S3026156 No it's not just me , at least one other person describes the same behavior as discussed in previous thread before I became convinced it was a real bug and reposted as BUG REPORT


@qbodp yep , same here , cant see it chrome and firefox from a long time , but works in other local browsers .

@Snowfluff don't know what to tell ya , I'm following a half dozen bots and only 1 of them shows up in "friends online" at the moment


There was bug where bots wouldn't show online, it should be fixed from today.