Bug report.

I'm using Google Chrome and my Apple desktop computer. During a chess game I just played the Blue & Red & Yellow & Green thing was spinning around & around non-stop. After the game it's spinning around. This is happening under Chat room & Notes on the left side. It's difficult to concentrate when that thing is spinning. Please fix. Thanks!
same with me; if I click on the chat room area, it stops; annoying and costs extra time in bullet; happens only within the last 24 hours...
Robert, thanks for the advice. I clicked the chat room area, and the spinning stopped.
The ring happens in notes in correspondence as well. Heres a screen shot:
@chessenthusiasts1990 I upload the background photo I wish to have to and then I copy the Direct Link. Then I go to "Background" in the preferences under my user name in the top right corner of Lichess and paste the URL there and it appears. And thank you for the compliment.
@lucius_beach2 Thank you. I have found a higher resolution version here for you: https:/ /static.wixstatic. com/media/d65cc2_7001b3d524d249a3888b229dfb8c41e7~mv2_d_4928_3264_s_4_2 .jpg

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