Bug or ban? I can not analyse games on lichess :(

I have a problem with analysing games on lichess. When I press the button "Analyse game", the page refreshes and nothing happens. So, it means I cannot get games analysis, what bothers me a lot because I need to know my mistakes. I have never analysed unfinished games to find easier way to win. All games I analyse are finished. Please, help me to solve this problem. I need to analyse games.

Either you have hit your analysis limit for today or the week or you are trying to analyze multiple games at once.

Thank you for quick response. Usually I analyse 15 or so games a day. But from last week I can analyse only one game a day. It`s sad because I play tournaments with strong players and need to get to know about mistakes that led me to loosing.
I didn`t know about analysis limit.

I`ll move through the given link to the theme. Thank you:)

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