BUG - more than 100 correspondence games

My friend and me are playing on the account Freddy11 more than 100 correspondence games at the same time. It's 150 games at the same time now. But at the start page you see that there are only 100 games ongoing and we cannot see there every single game where it's our turn.

We think that's 100 games at the same time is the limit but we would like to play more. Please set the limit to 1000!

Best wishes

Yeah it's a known bug. Thibault said not to have more than 100 games at the time. He said he'd make the maximum more but I don't know when.

Ok, thanks for your answer! Dont understand why Thibualt doesnt do more should be just one number ...

And we have the problem that we have already started more than 100 games ... but we cannot really move in 50 games (the 50 one above the 100). We dont wanna lose these games on time ... any help??

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