Bug: Correspondence games expire before they're due

I've recently had two correspondence games seemingly expire before they were due. "Seemingly", as I have no definite proof.

1. The following, played with a friend, had no time limit, and I was notified the opponent resigned. However, they say they have not resigned and that the game simply "ended".

2. The following had a 14-day time limit, but when I was notified that may time has run out, I felt like that wasn't the case. I couldn't see when moves were made, but was almost sure I had no red-coloured indications of games pending in my "games in play" tab.
See my question to the opponent in game page, although it hasn't been replied to.

When did this happen? About three weeks ago, a whole spate of these happened, the big foot which thibault thought he'd fixed.

Damn swipe, didn't mean big foot, but basically, thibault thought he'd fixed it.

@Caustic This might not be the exact same issue... earlier games timed out prematurely.

Here apparently games are timing out without adequate warning: "I had no red-coloured indications of games pending in my "games in play" tab."

Game 1 terminated itself a couple of weeks ago - possibly at the same time @Caustic mentions. So if it's a one-off I guess there's nothing more to discuss or investigate.
Game 2 probably 2 months ago or so. I don't think we users get to see the timestamp. Haven't found it, anyway.

@Toadofsky, you refer to games with an expiry date. However, game 1 has no such date set.

@bz I'm unfamiliar with the game clock code or expiry dates; and I am unfamiliar with how to easily, reliably duplicate the issue and investigate what the code -- again, that I haven't seen before -- used to do.

I started conversation in the Lichess discord since honestly I have no idea what the code used to do, is doing, or should be doing.

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