Bug: Claim victory is gone

For the second time today I had a game in which my opponent left, and I had to sit out the entire remaining time without the "Claim victory" button showing up.

Here is the 10+0 game in which I had to wait almost 9 minutes:

The opponent did not return to the game during that time, the clock just run down. I can't find the earlier game now, but it was the same bug.

Please, please fix that. The current situation with the leavers is already bad enough with these buttons enabled.

Thank you!

Same applies to me. Please bring this feature back. Waiting for such a long time is just annoying.

I've identified the issue, a patch will be deployed at 6AM UTC.

I wanted to ask for how long we have to wait for the claim victory button to appear.Thank you for fixing this bug.

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