[bug] Chess Basic "The Pawn" js util is not defined

Getting java-script error when promoting pawn. Something is missing, maybe a update of the minify js is needed or some code is just missing.

Uncaught ReferenceError: util is not defined
at a (lichess.learn.min.js?v=1599:4)
at view (lichess.learn.min.js?v=1599:4)
at Object.t.exports [as view] (lichess.learn.min.js?v=1599:4)
at lichess.learn.min.js?v=1599:3
at l (lichess.learn.min.js?v=1599:3)
at H (lichess.learn.min.js?v=1599:3)
at Function.s.redraw (lichess.learn.min.js?v=1599:3)
at Object.r [as start] (lichess.learn.min.js?v=1599:4)
at k (lichess.learn.min.js?v=1599:3)

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