Bug. Android.

After the update, a problem appeared. Quick start does not work. when will it be fixed, when will a new update be released? What is the principle of choosing rivals in a quick start?

Please try deleting all associated data and reinstall the app. That usually fixes most issues with the app update. Sometimes stuff is saved from previous version that create problems.

@lovlas, by now you may have seen my other feedback. The bug on iOS is that vibrate notification breaks quick start.
So what happened was, first my auto-update kicked in and I woke up with 7.0.0. All my settings were lost, board color, pieces, notification, ... I fixed the settings, turned on vibrate and used the app and couldn't start games. Further, that tallied against my account. Then I deleted the app and reinstalled, but it kept my settings, including vibrate, so same problem. Then I deleted app AND ALL DATA, and that cleared the settings, and I forgot to turn on vibrate and so it worked and I thought deleting app and data fixed it. But after a few games I realized I was missing moves with vibrate off, turned it on and whalla! Quick start stopped working again. And please fix it, because I've grown to depend on vibrate as the quiet but certain notification I need not to miss moves that doesn't disturb everyone around me (or even me). Of course my cats know when I'm playing chess in the morning so they can come in and pester me for food, but the humans don't wise up.

I'm sorry that didn't work for you. They are working on fixing it. Meanwhile you can use the website. It's optimized to also work on your phone.

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