Bug after playing a game as anonymous

I don't know which change do Lichess do from yesteday, but now every time I play a game as Anonymous and finish it, when I want to came back to the main page (button Play) the board is empty. Only the board will show the games you could play, when you use the button Restart on Filter games.
Another thing: if you try to filter games and apply it, when you came back to the board, again the main board is empty.
Could you fix it please?
Thanks in advance

Game seeks for the anonymous boards are not showing in the lobby, as described in #1. Its the same for all three browsers; FF, Chrome and Edge. :]

This issue is still occurring. Seems to have started when revisions were done to the game filter . :]

I removed all lichess cookies from my browser, reset all the anonymous play settings, and I still have a blank lobby display for seeks. The games are showing in the lobby, prior to setting the game filter, then seeks in the lobby don't display. A comment from the admin. would be most welcome :]

happened sometimes in the last days. actually same problem, when playn anonymous. (firefox66, OS 10.13). no seeks visable, except my own seek.

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