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  3. Broken images of pieces

Sometimes when I open a new tab on the current version of Firefox (under Windows 10) and go to the lichess site, the graphics of some of the pieces appear somewhat broken on all boards, the small ones and on the large board when playing. For example, parts of some pieces are transparent or are black instead of white. I could provide a screenshot if that helps.

Since this does not happen always, and closing and restarting the brower solves the issue, it's not a big deal, and probably not even a lichess bug.

I was just wondering if someone has experienced the same problem and might have an explanation.

Yup, I have a problem with images not loading when they should. Although that happens on sites other than lichess so in my case it is probably a browser thing. BTW I'm using FireFox.

The devs have mentioned before that Chrome is the best browser to use for lichess. Honestly, it is the best browser for everything IMO. If you download it, everything should work perfectly.