Both clocks at top of phone app away from thumbs please

I am quite sure a lot of people lose on time sometimes because of the bad clock placement on the iPhone app where many times when playing one’s own clock is obscured by thumbs and not in view.

It makes way more sense to figure out a smart way to get both clocks in simultaneous view at the top of the screen. Real speed chess has both clocks right next to each other and that is obviously fairer and better.

Yes, I believe there used to be an option to put clock on left, if your right-handed and the default is on the right, I believe you can switch it under the gear symbol at the bottom of the scroll menu under the three lines. But Ya, top would be better. I also really wanted a shortcut for blindfold toggle to switch between blind fold by hitting the letter B on keyboard which would improve my game tremendously. But unfortunately, your hard-earned dollar donations don't go where you want them to, much like taxes to the government. Therefore, I stopped donating. When Lichess allows feedback and shows where resources are going and allow us to meet target goals of specific projects then I would donate to the projects that I consider worthy of donation.

@SamannOyB said in #3:
> Wasn't this topic already discussed? (4 yrs ago, and nobody replied)
I suggested re-hashing old threads should be banned but got a bunch of thumbs down. There are many questions that go unanswered because they are good questions that get swept under the rug. The last person I caught policing the forum was caught re-hashing old threads. I pointed out the irony. Once again, don't police the forum. It's not your job. You yourself will be investigated if you do.

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