Bongcloud trophy

In the spirit of the recent Way of Berserk challenge ( ), I'm opening a new challenge. This one is about the Bongcloud opening ( )

Challenge: Win a hourly bullet/blitz tournament by opening every game with the bongcloud .


- As white, start with 1. e4 -- 2. ke2
- As black, start with 1. -- e5 2. -- ke7
- Tournament must have, at the end, >= 50 players for bullet, or >= 80 for blitz
- You must win every game

First three players to complete the challenge will receive an actual bong trophy. Flaming.

Good luck to all.

Having that many people in a tournament is going to be a challenge in itself.

why does this joke of an opening get an actual trophy and you ignore my Grob request? ALL HAIL THE GROB

And here's a preview of the Bongcloud Warrior trophy:

3 of them available, hurry up!