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  3. blunder bomb (training tool)

How well do you spot blunders?

post your high scores.

Another great chess-o-tron, tailuge. Well done, keep them coming.

would be better if there was sound effects and explosions when you spot the blunder. It's quite boring just now.

Amazing! I'll have to try this more on-stream sometime...

Added links to the games where the blunder was played. My high score on King's Gambit is still 8 right out of 20 - revealing about me and the opening.

This is very cool. Will other openings be added soon?

Thanks @okei, no plans to extend it, its just a demo of an idea.
If there is an opening you are really into I'll add it for you on request.

My next idea is to mine some balanced endgames from the lichess db and let users practice spotting blunders in those situations.

@NeverBeenTimid have you considered recreational drugs?