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  3. Blindfold toggle in game?

Hello all. First of gotta say how class the lichess site is. It's excellent.

I have a request for any developers reading this.

It would be great to be able to toggle between blindfold mode while playing without having to navigate away from the game.
Something similar to how you can press 'z' on the keyboard to toggle Zen mode off and on.

Maybe by pressing the 'b' key we would be able to switch between blindfold mode, this would be a great feature imo.


totally agree

I think there is a blindfold mode.

Toggle is good for noobs like myself who want to try it but not be stuck in it. Excellent idea.

@extremegamer :
Yes there is blindfold indeed. What I am suggesting is a "hotkey" allowing players to switch it on and off quickly and without leaving their current game.

Yes. This could be really good.

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