Black Lives Matters

Shawn King, BLM activist, twitter:

"Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down.

They are a form of white supremacy.

Always have been".

There are black people that loves Jesus. That's why my opinion was that Lichess should not support a movement that could bring unknown results for the platform.

That was a mistake.

BLM could promote Lichess instead.

This post title was also a mistake, sry :X

Ah yes, you meant to make it "Black lives don't matter"

Honestly glad to see all people contributing to discussions that need to happen but Lichess is neither the right place nor a suitable platform to host debates of such. Granted I do know they decided to support the BLM movement, there was a thread there were discussions happened. If you do disagree with Lichess supporting BLM, email them, don't discuss it on their site. It only encourages them more by showing increased forum activity.

It's pretty obvious they knew as soon as they posted the blog that the clown car would turn up and all the clowns would get out and start tumbling around, beeping their horns and throwing water around. The lichess site owners don't care if you agree with them or not; it's their site and they'll continue to do what they like. If people don't like it, leave. Don't witter on about how forum usage encourages them; if you disagree and have any integrity just close your account. You won't be missed. Of course, most clowns won't do that as they know there's no free chess sites as good as this. So - clowns and drivel in the forums it is.

All soccer games nowadays start with a short demonstration against racism.
A statement on lichess is more positive than a mass rally in times of a pandemic.

It's funny how the chess community is supposed to be one who is really smart since it is a game that challenges the brain, yet we get emotional responses on unnecessary threads just so they seem "bigger" or more relevant.

It's a shame
Who can do this? George Floyd is dead. You don't understand? The police are racist, they are a gang of criminals, another black man died with a Taser!
No but frenchement, I come from United States!
No, but it's not okay!
Calm down my god!
May gods bless you.