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  3. BIGGEST Online Tournament EVER (Developers must see this)

Is it possible to organize an Online Chess Olympiad Tournament? The tournament rules are the same but the players are picked from the Lichess community. Each nation will have their 'National Team' (This is picked from another tournament) and they will go against each other like the real Chess Olympiad.
First, the players would have to sign up to their Nation's official team ( Team America, Team Korea, Team Germany, etc) and have a tournament in the team to select the member of the national team. Then the official Olympiad tournament begins!
Is this possible? If not, why?

I would also like to add- This tournament could attract more and more players, meaning Lichess would become bigger and bigger, more patrons, more money that could lead to more free events!

This is not possible; the pairing algorithm would need to be modified to avoid pairing Israeli and Palestinian players (or players from the same country).

But how does the real Chess Olympiad do it @Toadofsky ?

@Sungjin With years of careful diplomacy.

just ban israeli players from fide events, amiright?

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