Berserking ultrabullet normal games?

Is it possible to add in lichess an option to berserk in normal ultrabullet chess games that are not in a tournament? I'm getting used to the 15 second time control, but it would be nice to also get in some training in 7 seconds, also perhaps this would be nice in other time controls that are a little slower. Let me know. Thanks!

no. You can organize a tournament with somebody that you want to play a match with, then you can both agree to always berserk.

Why would you want to "berserk" a normal game when there's no point in it? Berserking exists only to give you an extra point for the tournament

I think you could beserk in normal games and get twice the amount of rating points for winning.

#6 then higher rated players could always berserk lower rated players and get twice the points for farming