Bathroom break

So I was playing on phone a classical game (15+15), I played my move and I needed to go to the bathroom. Since I was playing long time, I didn't mind losing a couple of minutes for that. Unfortunately, when I got on my phone again the game was ended in a victory for my opponent because I left and I don't think it's fair. I understand why this option exists, but I think it should be proportional to the playing time. If I left 1 minute in a 3 minutes game it's ok (and anyway even if I come back I think it will be hard to win anyway unless my opponent is in a hopeless position), but I should be able to left for a couple of minutes in a 15 minutes game.

Though I am not sure, but from my experience the time to abandoning a game is proportional to the time control. Could you link to the game!, because from last year lichess stores the move time along with the game.

yeah, make some shit moves :-)

You must not minimize the site/app.
When Lichess is still in foreground (as if you were still looking at it),
this issue won't occur.
You'll still be online, just your time will go down.

Has nothing to do with the Lichess app or not.
If you minimize the app, the same problem will occur.

@War_Machine_V2 I was using lichess on my phone, that's the issue, if I was on my pc I would just leave the tab open and no problems.

@MateMachine I know, but if I put the phone in my pocket I lock it to avoid uncontrolled behaviour.

My greatest victories are on the throne with my mobile phone haha