Banned for time

I just got banned for taking 6 seconds to make a move. What the f**k.

I didn't abort games or stall on time. I took 6 seconds to make a move. Don't comment without reading what people say.

No need to read what you say, we can see your game history. One game does not a tempban make. You were warned every single time you did it that you would be banned if you kept doing it, and now you act surprised that you got banned?

And it was seven seconds, you liar.

I took 6 seconds on my final move. Which is what I said in the comment. Do you call 6 seconds something other than 6 seconds?

If it's this game, it was 7 seconds, not 6.

And you didn't get banned for that one thing alone. The games bufferunderrun posted could well be the other 80% of why you got banned.

7.0 seconds. Yes. That is too much time? I thought it was 6 but it was 7.