Awsome Game Positions

One of my favorite features in Lichess is that you can start a game in various impossible positions (example:
However, there seems to be some limits on how you can set up the board. Can you remove these limits?

aww man. You only played the first one. Which means if i want to play I have to remake the board. If you had played aleast one game for each config, I could've "Continue from here"

another funny thing is to place all the pieces randomly on the board (it's a generalization of chess 960), the only conditions being that our pawns are on row 2 to 7 and the king is not in check).
Only disadvantage: we may checkmate in one move with the white

looks like one of my normal games!

i got dizzy looking at that.

yes, Zynko, your position is a good example !
I made a program to place all the pieces randomly but I never use it. Yet I'm glad to play chess 960 with people, you know that, 666dorado !

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