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Feature request:

In the user preferences, just like with 3-fold repetition, I'd like a way to checkmark some setting that will automatically claim a 50-move-rule draw.

This is super useful in non-increment chess when the draw button is too far away to click in time.

Educated guess: it has been employed for ages.

(at least other‘s have it and somehow I think I saw it here)

It automatically drawing when 50 move rule comply
See my this game. Draw automatically claimed

Oh! Okay then I just didn't see it in the user settings like the 3-fold one so I wasn't sure. That works for me.

Playing devil's advocate here... does an auto-claim only take effect if the preference is set?

Idk. I think this rule is obligatory (unlike 3-fold repetition which should be claimed). So there should not be an option to enable or disable 50-moves rule.

@Alex_slow Yes and no. Article 9.3 of the FIDE handbook states that a draw due 50 moves without a capture or a pawn move should be claimed, in a similar way as with 3-fold repetition. According to article 9.6b, the draw is only automatic once 75 moves have been played without a capture or a pawn move.

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