Are there BOTS on LC who play to lose?

I just played a match against a random opponent (via the play page) classical 15+15, they were rated around the same as me but they appeared to throw away any kind of win, allowing me to win.
Is LC allowing BOTS to 'encourage' crap players like me to keep playing by allowing wins?, (like Fortnite)

This post is NOT an accusation, but a sincere question.
If anyone checks my last game they will see what I mean, surely someone rated about the same as me cannot make that many blunders!

You made just as many blunders... Your opponent just made the last one. Are you a bot? It's not an accusation, sincere question...

You made
3 mistakes
3 errors and
4 blunders.
For a grand total of 10 bad moves.
He made
4 mistakes
1 error and
4 blunders.
For a grand total of 9 bad moves.

You played worse, you just got lucky with the last one :/

I am sorry, I am 100% not a bot, but I am a really bad player who always has to find a reason for why I am so bad other than accepting I am shit :( apply to BOT accounts.

To my knowledge there is no "minimum rating" requirement for a BOT, but it might be a good thing to let the author know it is blundering frequently.

TheRider, i have the same feeling as you. My opinion is that there are bots on LC, some are programmed to lose, and others to win. You will have the same experience on any chess site (EE,, chess24, ...). I also suspect that there are very strong players, hidden behind weak players profiles. Some kind of guards or supervisors.
This is very disappointing since LC offers so much excellent stuff : problems, training ... I sincerely congratulate all the people who worked to achieve this. But if LC mentioned clearly when we are playing against bots, it would be more honest, we wouldn't feel cheated anymore. I hope i'm wrong, but ...

RapidVariants, thanks for the link, it's very interesting.
Why so much bots on LC ? One told me another hypothesis : to feed their database, to analyse human behaviour and so to improve their IA. Is that SF ?