Another bug in IOS app – board jumps to bottom of screen.

I've previously reported on a bug in the IOS app where the clocks dissappear after a few games. I've hade this bug for over 6 months with no improvement in the latest updates.

The last 3-4 weeks a new bug has appeared where the board+clocks jumps down towards the bottom of the screen, making the bottom buttons very hard to press.

The new bug is more frequent than the clock bug and can happen after a single game. To reset the board layout I need to force close the app to reload it.

The clock bug allso still occurs, but usually after more than one game.

I can also report that piece symbols counting the material balance sometimes disappear, even when the clocks don't and the board is correctly aligned.

Add to that, sometimes when I do a computer analasys of the game the curve doesn't show up, just empty space where it should be.

All of these are issues in the Lichess iOS app.

The most problematic by far is the clock problem as it severely reduces your chances of playing a fair game vs. an opponent in the app.

I havne't because I just find it really strange to be expected to create an account at a different site that I have no interest in to simply report a bug.

That's fair. And for most things the Lichess forum is pretty good. Github does have some advantages thru, like being made to track issues, help them not get lost/forgotten and if needed a way for the dev and player with the bug to communicate.

Either way, I don't mind filing issues for you. But it would probably help to provide the info that's requested in the bug form there "

**Describe the bug**
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**To Reproduce**
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1. Go to '...'
2. Click on '....'
3. Scroll down to '....'
4. See error

**Expected behavior**
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If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem.

**Smartphone (please complete the following information):**
- Device: [e.g. iPhone6]
- OS: [e.g. iOS8.1]
- Browser [e.g. stock browser, safari]
- Version [e.g. 22]

**Additional context**
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Point being, there can be middle-men like me who files issues on your behalf. But if there is a need for more info for example, then I won't be able to provide that etc. (and I am not aware of other's reporting the problems you describe, so probably there is something rare/specific/weird going on)

Ok I can maka a detailed description of the problems and provide screenshot so I will do the Github thing this time even though it greatly annoys me to not be able to do it here, or even from the app where the bugs occur.