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  3. Anonymous time controls need resetting each time.

It used to remember the last time control for your seek when anonymous. Not anymore, now it always goes back to 5 8 and you have to set it every time you start a session.
I'm sure hoping it's some glitch and that the folks at Lichess haven't decided that this is the way it should be for some reason. I really liked that it remembered.

Works fine here. Does it reset straight away? Have you tried different browsers?

I didn't try anything since I thought it was on their end.
Let's be sure we understand each other though. I'm not saying every game you have to set the time control, but when you open a browser and start the session it's at 5 8 again no matter what your last time control was.
Does it remember for you even when say, you turned off your computer and turned it back on the next day?

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