Alpha Zero Vs Stockfish New Games Annotations

Kindly somebody annotate this games its very hard to follow i would like to know why certain moves were played like for example in game 12 Stockfish played 25..Qd1 which looked very odd in my eyes instead of saving the knight

apparently the threats after Nb5 Bf3 (avoids Q trade with Qd1 now) and then ra6 rg6 with checkmates threats all over was too much for stockfish

It's interesting how everyone praises Alpha0 for its style but despite Alpha0 dominating Stockfish there were still 83.9% of the games drawn. That means Alpha0 scored ~57% which is the expected score for a rating difference of 50 ELO which isn't that much.

@itakeback there is no checkmate threats in that line you mentioned, white defends well, in your line you assume white will take the bishop on f3 but white can still play g3 and he will be better, black will be forced to end with a perpetual on f3

in every game SF made Blunder. looks interesting for 2300 engine (even human doesnt blunder that)

@ChessPatzerKEN you are not correct ,the threats are real
example line
Nb5 Bf3! (no trade of Q) g3 Ra6 Kh2 Rg6 ,
with idea of Qh4 and Rg5 and incoming checkmate after Qxh3! and Rh5+
input the line and see your stockfish start giving up material!

@itakeback wow, at first I was skeptical about it, but then deep analysis reveals white is already worse prior to Nb5!
SF10 d=37 Nb5 -2.44!
SF initially misses 27...Qh4!! in
25.Nb5 Bf3 26.g3 Ra6 27.Kh2 Qh4
and now the threat is Rg6 -> Rg5 -> Rh5

its just 0.00 . when human can see this < engine which CALCULATES 74515345 line in every move should see it Edit:if you move Bf3 after Nb5 its -2.32 not in first (25.) position

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