all your openings are belong to us

Thanks for this link.

I looked into the code The cost of game download depends on the absolute value of the page number ( which has nothing to do with request rate ).

I tested this. If I try to load pages like 1, 195, 196, 197 ... it hangs right after loading 3 pages.

This means that you cannot go back too long in time, you are limited to very recent games.

I don't think I found a bug, it makes perfect sense to discourage digging into the past very deep.

Anyway, the important thing is that this feature should definitely be implemented in official lichess. This would be an addition significant shoulder to shoulder to Insights. To visualize openings like this I have not seen anywhere before, so it is novel as far as I know. Also it is superior to the method of trying to find the same thing out by browsing an opening book page by page.

Stop messing around with user menus and start implementing features like this!

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