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KonstantinSrulevich #1

Comrades, sorry for my english.

Let me speak from my hart. I'm "Slowpoke" & i need a lot of time to think about the move. But i can't find tournaments at least 10+10 (or tournaments constructor with all options - 15+15, 20+20, etc.) =)

Obviously, 10+10 need 2 hours, 20+20 it's 3-4 hours chess marathon - 1 time per month or week would be great it. Why not?

Possibility of creating a weekly tournament-marathon is not due to weak computers? If users were allowed to do such tournaments would be great.

In any case, thank you very much for your work.

Aquinas #2

Creating an arena with such a long time control wouldn't really work. Since there aren't many players who do long time controls, and each game could take 20-50 minutes, there would be long wait times in between games. And since not many people would play multiple long games in a row I don't think using the arena format would be necessary.

tpr #3

Maybe a single elimination match format of 8 players or round robin tournament with 10 players would be better suited. Just find some interested players and then set it up yourself.

KonstantinSrulevich #4

For a start it would be great to allow users to create tournaments 10+10 and 15+15. Just try what happens.

thchozen0ne #5

There is also Lichess4545 and Lone Wolf leagues if you like longer time controls.

thchozen0ne #6

I do however like the idea of holding Swisses or Knockout tournaments of longer time controls.