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Comrades, sorry for my english.

Let me speak from my hart. I'm "Slowpoke" & i need a lot of time to think about the move. But i can't find tournaments at least 10+10 (or tournaments constructor with all options - 15+15, 20+20, etc.) =)

Obviously, 10+10 need 2 hours, 20+20 it's 3-4 hours chess marathon - 1 time per month or week would be great it. Why not?

Possibility of creating a weekly tournament-marathon is not due to weak computers? If users were allowed to do such tournaments would be great.

In any case, thank you very much for your work.

Creating an arena with such a long time control wouldn't really work. Since there aren't many players who do long time controls, and each game could take 20-50 minutes, there would be long wait times in between games. And since not many people would play multiple long games in a row I don't think using the arena format would be necessary.

Maybe a single elimination match format of 8 players or round robin tournament with 10 players would be better suited. Just find some interested players and then set it up yourself.

For a start it would be great to allow users to create tournaments 10+10 and 15+15. Just try what happens.

There is also Lichess4545 and Lone Wolf leagues if you like longer time controls.

I do however like the idea of holding Swisses or Knockout tournaments of longer time controls.