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  3. Add rapid with increment to "Quick Game"


I was thinking that it would be nice to have a rapid-with-increment option in the "Quick Game" menu.
My idea would be to replace the 15+15 (which is *incredibly* slow) with something like 10+5.

My reasoning would be that if someone wanted to play a game that can easily last more than 1 hour (as a 15+15 game can), he probably doesnt need to use the "Quick Game" menu in the first place. And it would just be nice to have a rapid time control with increment for us "slower" players.

Also, if some lichess-dev has access to statistics, I'd be interested to know how popular the 15+15 option is (to confirm or disprove my suspicion that's it's barely used currently) in relation to the other time controls in the "Quick Game" menu.

Let me know what you think of this idea!

5 5 is what I've always thought should be in quick game as it is a nicer more round number and more popular than 5 3.

They made the "Quick Game" feature have the 8 most popular time controls. But now that we have rapid and classical separated, we should get the most popular rapid and the most popular classical time control in my opinion.

>now that we have rapid and classical separated, we should get the most popular rapid and the most popular classical time control in my opinion.

I kindly disagree, since by a similar argument one could say correspondence time controls should be featured in the "Quick Pairing" as well.
IMHO, any time control longer than 1hour has no place in a "quick" pairing menu.

Am I truly the only one who thinks 15+15 is way too slow and should be replaced with a more reasonable rapid-inc time control?

hello guys, can't we simply match the FIDE rapid time control for lichess rapid quick settings?
It's 15 + 10. I get the 10 + 0, but I feel there should be another quick setting for rapid with increment.

5 5 needs to be on there seriously. It has to be one of the most popular because it's all I usually play and I never have a wait to get a game.

But here's another idea I suggested in a separate post, ALLOW USERS TO SET FAVORITES. So if you always go 5 5 like me, you can set it and it will appear along the other time controls in the quick game selection. And suddenly, everyone's happy!

Maybe there is a way to set favorites time controls but that can't be in the "quick pairings" grid, otherwise everybody is going to have differents time controls and *quick* pairings is not going to be possibile anymore.

Having said that, I do agree. Maybe instead of the "custom button" there could be another rapid time control and the custom button could be relocated. Or something like that.

To me the point is: only one rapid time control in quick pairing isn't enough.

IMHO increment should be at least 20% of the base time (e.g. 5+1, 10+2, 15+3, etc.). It doesn't make sense for an hour-long rated game to be decided by timeout.

@scatush You can still have the usual time controls in quick pairings and then to the side also have a couple of your favorites. There is no reason why this can't be done.

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