Add option to block adding time!

Please add option to block the adding of time to the clock. It can be used as insults or just very annoying. I hate it when people give me time without me asking for it.

I agree with @lumbis, there are some players relying on the add time option as a crutch to intimidate their opponents; is wasteful of time when we need to eliminate distractions.

sometimes in 1+0 when they have like 3 seconds and i have 41 i give them 30s so they can at least try to win

Right, and some people take that as an insult. Usually the position is very bad at that stage anyway. No sense in prolonging the suffering. Giving the user the power to block that would be a great feature.

see he drew the game because i gave him 30 seconds or else he would have lost the game

Agreed, it would be great to turn that off. Very grateful if this could be implemented.

i think its debatable that adding time should even be allowed in rated games at all.

for example, now user mate_on_f7s elo is not correct. he gave time, and so got an elo change for a draw instead of a win. regularly giving people extra time could be abused as a form of sandbagging.

what if you were C-Brown knowing you would lose the game but you drew the game instead?

then I would lose with grace and good sportsmanship. maybe analyze the game and game see why I lost.

for what its worth, I dont have a problem with people adding time for casual games. casual games are the better place for informal learning, or just having fun. in a casual game, im totally fine with stuff like takebacks on moves that would have resulted in checkmate, etc.

for ranked it is different. you have to understand ranked and elo points are not rewards. elo is there to measure your skill, so players of similar skill can matched together.

consider this think you are being nice, but suppose your rating should be like 1400. you basically "be nice/sandbag" by giving time, losing more games than you should, resulting in your elo being like 1200. now the site is matching you against 1200, or even 1150ish players against your real elo of 1400, because your indicated elo is 1200. your opponents then are not getting the elo they deserve if they beat you, you are robbing those players of that, you are also not losing as much elo as you should be when you lose to them.

giving time shouldnt be done so "someone doesnt feel bad". its only there for situations where maybe the site lags or something. maybe if a guy has to answer the door to pay the pizza man, its fine to add some time for him, but not just because they are losing.