Accidentally reset Lichess Tactics on my mobile phone

Hey guys,

So I solved some Lichess Puzzles yesterday until I pressed the "return" button next to the Engine button. Sadly I returned to my first Lichess puzzles; so I can't solve new tactics on my mobile phone until I solved all of the old exercises again.

I have to add that I can normally solve new tactics when I try it on my PC.

Is there something I can do so that I get new puzzles on my mobile phone again? Would be really sad if I have to go through those old tactics again.


Well damn, thank you for that! Looks like you've helped me resolve the issue I've had with puzzles being out of sync. I've never used that button before. It's called "Refresh saved puzzles", and from what I can tell so far, if pressed while you're solving a puzzle, it messes things up. If you press it after completing a puzzle, it gets the app in sync with the website. Interesting, I'll test a bit more later and post an update here if I discover anything useful. At any rate, it seems like some sort of a bug, but served puzzles have been messy for me on mobile for a long time now.

Also, are you sure it gives you old puzzles? It seems to serve the next puzzle.

Hi! That button invalidates the local puzzle cache and fetch a new batch from the server. Its purpose is to mitigate the sync problem that arises when solving puzzles alternatively in the website and in the app.

I clear the storage on the Lichess app probably at least once a day as part of my going between phone and chromebook and puzzle solving. It's quite annoying but clearly the bugs not getting fixed. Hopefully Lichess 2 means I won't need to use the Android app any more.

#3 I'd assume as much, only it appears to be rather buggy to use.
#4 I really appreciate being able to do puzzles offline, as my phone can't use mobile data for some reason. But yeah, it seems to brick things rather easily, doesn't it. I'll try using that button now whenever I have internet connection and *only* after solving a puzzle, and see how that goes. It's a tad annoying, but the mobile app is great overall imo. App and website devs are doing their best, I'm positive these things will get ironed out in the future.

After I played the Grenke-Open I didn't want to make some puzzles. Way too much chess in the last days.

But now there is an update to my problem!

As I said, my exercises started from the beginning and it didn't matter if I solve them or not. I neither got nor lost points for going through the puzzles. So I decided to skip the old puzzles as long as I would get new ones. After 50 puzzles I stopped, because I became lazy.

Interesting Fun Fact: I watched my Tactic-Score today and the server DID calculate my skipping exercises. I don't know why but I stopped with a Score of 2430 and now I dropped to 2100 lol. Well at least I know, that I have to be serious with those old tactics again. But it's sad to see this bug on my own account :P

#7 Have you tried what I proposed in #5? "I'll try using that button now whenever I have internet connection and *only* after solving a puzzle, and see how that goes."
Seems to work pretty well for me.
(That's pretty funny, by the way)

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