Ability to pause a longer timed game after X minutes are played live?!

Hi, Would it be possible to develop the ability to pause a timed game? For example, I want to be able to start a 45-0 min game with a friend, where we agree that either person can unilaterally pause after 10 min have been played live.

The reason I ask is because I often only have breaks from work that are 10 or 15 minutes in length. I am tired of the "one type of game" that 5 or 10 minute blitz games are. This would allow me to work on my skill of "analysis in longer time control games", but in 10 to 15 minute chunks!

Sounds awesome right? I appreciate the community for entertaining this idea!

-Eric a.k.a. Aiscary

I don't think that would be very practical.
However you can just play Correspondence games and then use the 10 minutes on one move.

What wouldn't be practical? At least for me, I have friends on lichess and we when we see each other online we would like to play "10 more minutes" of our "45 minute time controlled game."

Correspondence would be fine if there was a recording within lichess of long it took us to make our move, with the clock starting when we started viewing the game.

You wouldn't find this a good way to play "10 minutes live and online" of a longer time controlled game?

The problem is it would be a very small amount of people who want to pause their live games. It would mainly be between friends who know and play each other, where people mainly play strangers on this site (and in big quantities). So it would be a big change for not much of an outcome. People mostly wouldn't use it.

Unfortunately, you'll probably just have to figure out a work around for yourself. Playing a correspondence game and working the time out for yourself is probably the best go, or playing over the board with a clock.

Right now I play the rated timed 15+15 game with my friend, and he got a business phone call. We are in the middlegame, I don't want he resign or flag, and we don't want to draw. I adding him lots of +15 sec to keep his clock. We both wants to pause the game, so I strongly encourage this suggestion!

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