Ability to change font in lichess study.

Just to have the ability to differentiate font in study. whether its to make clear previous notes to new ones or a books description compared to your own or an added note.

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@Diwaditya What you are using is called "glyphs", not fonts. Their representation depends entirely on the font available on the user's system. And if the currently used font doesn't contain these glyphs, the browser has to find them in another installed font. Sadly, this is still an open chapter in browser tech, so what you really get is usually this:

Not recommended.

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My installed fonts cover pretty much all available unicode code points. But the browser (Chromium) doesn't find them. And that will happen on many systems. Age is not the issue.

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Again, the age of the device doesn't matter. You can get the same result with a computer you bought today.

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