960 Crazyhouse (& other variations)


I'd like to know what you think about having 960 variation not only for classical chess but also for other variations like crazyhouse.

I think 960 increases complexity in a good way, and I also think Crazyhouse is better in a way because it's more complex. So then 960 crazyhouse could be the best one.

Only a suggestion. :) Perhaps 960 could be a checkbox that you click for every variation (except where it's impossible, like racing & horde)

@checkmatenr1 I honestly agree to you and in my house when is winter,then we with our family play different board games like go,chess, ludo and even ''draughts'' which is very awesome game.

I don't want to join 960 variant,but maybe others want to join it ,so we can implement 960 variants and checkers both.It's time to thibault for making decision ,implement these or not.

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