2 study ideas

1) Consolidate studies from books. There seems to be dozens of studies titled "Pandolfini's Endgame Course". By consolidating these you would save space and reduce the work done be every contributor.

2) Have the popup info box show when hovering over the member's name as it does in an open study. The rating of the annotation is useful when deciding to use the study. Too high a rating my be over your head, and too low would be needlessly repeating "basic" information.

NOTE: I find it funny that I proposed #2 to avoid opening the study, reviewing the ratings, then returning to the studies page. I used the counterargument to include a game completion rate filter on the game challenge graph.

But books cost money. Why would lichess spend money on books to create studies?

@NoobBatter, members of this site are creating the studies. I'm suggesting that instead of having dozens of repeat studies, that the members join one study. This would reduce the space of having multiple studies (unless there is a proper pointer system in place), and the individual members wouldn't have to enter as many games as the task would be shared.

Thanks for the feedback. I know that I don't explain things well, as I already know what I'm about to say, so this type of reply does force me to become more clear, but does tend to make me more verbose.

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