2 feature requests


The first feature request is valid for the web version only, when playing as anonymous.
The second feature request is for the mobile versions + web version + anomyous + registered.

1) Please add game display options
When playing as Anonymous on the web version, it doesn't seem possible to change game display options like:
- Board coordinates
- Piece animation
- Board highlights
- Piece destinations

When you use the mobile version, you can both play as Anonymous and set your board as you wish.
Can you please update the lichess web version so that users can change this too?
You are able to change the board size, the board type (2D, 3D), the pieces, the sound etc.
But it's not possible to change the options I mentioned above.
Most annoying (for me) is the Piece destinations.

2) Please add some Takeback information
When copying a URL from a game (or when reviewing any finished match),
you can see in the Chatbox that Takebacks were sent, accepted, canceled or declined.
It would be useful to see who made which takeback.

Especially when I review some of my played games, it's meaningful for me to know if I
was the guy who made the takeback request, or if my opponent did it.

You can probably just add the color after the text message.
Takeback sent
Takeback accepted

You could make:
Takeback sent (Black)
Takeback accepted (White)

An even better thing would be to add the original move as kind of variant,
but that's something which just came into my mind.
(It's not really a request at this moment.)

Best regards

55 views but no answer...

What do you think about my ideas?

And what about some OFFICIAL statement?
I mean since I spent time in thinking and writing, the least thing could be an answer.
Even if the answer is, "Your ideas are shit, this will never happen", I can live with that.

Everything is better than ignoring.


The simplest possible official statement would be that it's difficult to discuss multiple ideas in the same forum topic, and that calling the topic "2 feature requests" doesn't help interested people discover it (from either the timeline view or the forum view).

1) I assume the preferences split this way because it was too challenging to code otherwise, but honestly I have no idea.

2) This has been suggested before & I haven't seen any Lichess staff comment on it, probably because you'd also want/need to indicate the move number(s) and move(s) which were taken back, which against AI opponents (and maybe BOT opponents?) could be multiple moves per takeback.


First off: Thank you for your answer.

I do believe there is no problem to discuss two ideas in 1 thread.
A thread title cannot always be exactly accurate.
Even I write, "2 ideas: 1. Display options; 2. takeback info"
nobody would know what I mean.
Only when viewing and reading the thread it will be clear.

You can't compare this to:
Thread title: "I have a problem "vs.
Thread title: "PC doesn't start anymore".
It's something completely different.
(Here I would agree with you that title 1 is not good.)

Regarding 1)
Since there are other options like Board size, Sound etc. available, I don't think it was too challenging.
In my opinion, they simply forgot it.
It's not a problem to forget something.
That's the reason why there are forums and feedback threads.

Regaring 2)
If you play against a BOT, you will see it (because your opponent won't be named Anonymous).
It's not about the moves, it's just to know the fact if you were the guy who requested the
takeback or your opponent.

I mean, if you review one of my games and was vicorious, at least I will know if it
was probably a "lucky" victory due to takeback.
If I see that all the takebacks were made by my opponent, I won't have any doubt.

Honestly, it's a very easy thing to code!
If it's really that useful, there might be difficult opinions.


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