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  3. 100% Berserk Button

Hello all,

As from title I'm suggesting a button or an option that once enabled automatically makes you berserk every game of a tournament.
This is meant for those people (not me) who like to berserk all the games, in order to win a prize or just to increase the challenge, but sometimes they forget to press the berserk button when the game starts.

I've come to this idea after watching JannLee's 24h Crazyhouse Revolution tourney, when he said he was gonna berserk all games but unfortunately a couple of times he forgot or it didn't register.
There are also people who create(d) second accounts just to berserk all their games.
I think this feature would benefit a lot these players making their life easier.

The option should be enabled before the tournament starts, but could also be enabled when the tournament has already started.
Obviously it is also meant to be disabled whenever the player wants.
I'm not sure if it would be best to have it inside the tournament page so that would value only for that tournament or an option in the player's profile (just like the queen promotion) that would work until it gets disabled.

Lemme know what you guys think!

as a 100% berserker i like, but i am not sure if it's relevant for enough people

It sounds like a good idea for the relevant people, though, and if it's not relevant, people can very easily just ignore the option without any inconvenience. @Rise

For a short tournament pressing the berserk button, each time is not much of a deal, but I too feel it would be really nice to have such option for longer tournaments like shields and marathons.

I have watched in some streams where higher rated players are paired against lower rated players and then they somehow forget to press berserk and later on get a little bit angry on themselves for not pressing the berserk button. (what I mean is every single point counts in overall standings)

^ Addons for Firefox and Chrome that do what you ask.

I agree with both @grapejam and @ThomCruz .
If it gets implemented in all tournaments, then it doesn't make any difference if it's a short or a long one. People can easily decide to ignore it, use it for some time or use it for all the duration of the tournament.


I made a small research before creating a new thread, but I did't find the one you kindly posted. Probably because it doesn't contain the key 100%, but anyway I hope I haven't created any problem!

I had a rapid look at it and it looks cool but maybe not enough, let me explain better.
First of all the OP corrected already once the link because it was showing bugs. Also the browser companies seem to have to accept the addon as a new feature and this (following my experience) can request time and once accepted can also be canceled the day after.

Then I think it would be better if lichess itself developed this feature, as there would be no issues mentioned above and also it would be an improvement for the site, thing which is very appreciated by both devs and members.

"I hope I haven't created any problem!"
no problem at all.

On the last post, you can see it was approved by Mozilla for Firefox.
Lichess's post edit function wasn't available back then I guess.

I extracted the main clicking function here:



function berserkarator() {
setTimeout(function() {
}, 100);


If you use that script with these, you could use it on lichess:

Greasemonkey for Mozilla Firefox

Tampermonkey for Chrome

It is not ideal, but it is a workaround.
@toadofsky Also posted a similar script, and he's also a lichess dev.
Maybe this ping brings it back to attention.

Wait! What do you mean by berserk? Is it playing like Tal?

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