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  3. Your goals in chess

What are your goals? Where are you now and what will you do to reach your goals?

Not getting any worse!

Although I cannot stop it on average I'll try to win some tournaments meanwhile, 2 offline ones so far in 2017.

My final goal is to reach 2000 Elo / DWZ (the german national rating) but also other things like playing tournaments, meeting nice people, and so on.

For now i'm rated slightly lower than 1800 Elo / 1700 DWZ. My peak DWZ was around 1750, from there i drifted a little bit because of less practice and training then before. But okay, basically i have the same rating +/- 50 points since the end of 2009.

The next tournaments i want to play are only DWZ- and not Elo-rated. Also our team matches and club championship are not Elo-rated. So i'll focus on that national rating. First i want to have a new all times high. That will be somewhere near 1750. For that i think i need two good tournament results. Until Summer 2018 i want to get a 1800+ rating.

For that i want to do something on chess six days each week:
- playing otb tournaments
- playing training games on lichess, i prefer games with a "classic" time control, like 15+15, 15+10 or something like that
- learn from my mistakes in the games
- working with the tactics trainer
- working through Yusupovs improving series books (2 chapters each week)
- playing over annoted master games

My aim is to follow my training method that i did 2 years to get perfect for me and become every day a bit stronger than i am,no limits!

@Darkevilchessgod : Can you tell me more about your training method?

To stabilize my play.
I play passively as white and aggressively as black. Due to this, I have a better winning OTB percentage as black against similar rated opponents.
This is due to lack of study. Against almost every black defense, I play the KIA so I don't have to study all the lines of the CK, French, and the Sicilian.
My plan for this should be to study at least one of these defenses to slowly break out of this bad habit.

My goal is to be above Elo 69.

My goal is not to lose six games in a row. Five is my record so far today.

Mine is to understand "en passant".

My goal is to get to 1800 Fide by July. I am playing a tournament soon, so hopefully I can do that quickly. I will also try and get my classical higher, as I barely ever play classical.