You need a Personalized Training Plan!

Hello everyone, I am an International Master and pro chess coach, I am here to offer you a unique opportunity to improve at chess.

Some people use to pay a lot of money for individual lessons, but probably they don't feel the expected improvement, or they don't know what to do in order to improve consistently. Well, if you have felt those problems I think I can help you immensely. The reason of feeling no improvement is because you are not doing the correct steps in order to achieve your goals (which have to be very clear according to your specific situation) so, what you need is a professional training plan!

I am here to offer you a monthly training plan to help you to work on your weaknesses and potency your virtues and current chess skills. What will you get?, well, I will provide all the material that you need, the correct puzzles to work on, modern digital tools, books, exclusive opening analysis, chess programs, unlimited access to questions and tips, and a very detailed step by step plan for your daily-weekly training sessions. I send you new material every week and we decide together the intensity, amount of material you are able to study, and pace of your training, all this after an evaluation of your specific situation and skills. We can also make an ideal calendar of tournaments that will help you to achieve goals if you are a very ambitious player, playing over the board frequently. All that I mentioned for only 50 dollars per month.

Let's work together to achieve your goals! see you soon.

You can send me a private message here for more information, questions, or enrollment. Thanks

Dude - Nobody is going to pay money to improve at Chess. It's not poker where there's some kind of return on investment (not that I don't like Chess much more than poker). Whoever told you that getting a title was going to equate to a lucrative teaching career really snowed you good. I don't think anyone makes less money than a Chess instructor. Pan handlers in Times Square make much, much more than you can teaching chess. That's unfortunate (I guess - Again, the knowledge isn't worth anything as there is no return on investment) but just the way it is.

People do pay to improve at chess... people participate/have careers as professionals.

You could take a look at a website like for example. Part of its business model charges for different features(extra puzzles, lessons, ect).

Plenty of other examples.

@I4031 A very, very (what, the top 100) small percentage of people alive make a living/have careers as chess professionals LOL. There are more self made billionaires in the world than GM's.

If making money is important to you in life, Chess is the last thing you should be spending your time on.

How do you determine what weak spot in my game needs improvement?
Will you analyze games? Will you play against your students?
Im intrigued by this concept but it's still seems a bit vague.

I'm not trying to argue how many people do make money with a chess career, but I am saying that people do/will spend a bit for tutoring. I can't speak to how much it makes, but it definitely doesn't seem like uncommon practice.

There are a fair number of tournaments(for all ages). There's bound to be people who are supporting the aspiring kids behind the scenes with a lesson or two.

(obviously, this is an advertising thread for his business/tutoring so I'd like to take this conversation elsewhere if you wanted to continue @TheGreenMachine420 )

@Archiduxus Hello, yes, I analyze my student's games, and I ask for some important details about their chess experience. I also play against them if needed.

I like the topic, but your username is off-putting. "I am your father" is not nice.