You lost to a cheater- Refund: 6 Rapid Rating Points

Just hover the mouse cursor over the name of each player for all the games.

It was the one above because it was 12 hours ago and then you posted this message 10 hours ago.

Also this one was done for cheating too;

Yes just seen that. Is he sure it's 6 not, 7. mistake by Lichess?...

@lovlas Thanks for trying to be consistent. Some people are like badgers. You can't tell them not to do something. For whatever bad reason, they are determined. I appreciate the way you guys try to keep it under control, despite the unruly mob.

@rickrenegade I was having a feeling that he uses engine. He's moves seems accurate and well played theoretically and tactically murderous. But just only for a couple of games. Thanks mate!

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