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I lost this game on time after deciding not to move and "letting it be a draw":
Of course, I was mistaken, which makes me wonder whether someone has ever been checkmated knight vs. rook in the history of chess.

@doctorputz #1
You made a mistake by letting time run out. FIDE rules for draws apply on Lichess. This has been mentioned in various forum posts lately.
See :

K+N vs. K = draw but for K+N vs. K+R you would need to either agree on the draw with your opponent or you need to draw by repeating the same position with the same player to move three times, or draw by using the 50 moves rule and claim.
In GM practice K+N vs. K+R as well as K+B vs. K+R has been played out often where the rook party would sometimes win.

German Open 2007, two big game players, 6h game, White flag fell

The US player learnt the FIDE rules the hard way.

better to learn it on lichess, this reminds me of the game I posted the other day where I lost bishop and pawns versus bishop.
I dont know the fide rules but I guess u mean that black can win with a knight, not sure if white can play a draw at some stage or
giving the rook for free he gets a draw instead of a loss.

ah I see achja wrote the answer above thank u.

Good point. I should have sac'd the rook. Why did white resign the German Open game?

Sorry...I missed the "White flag fell" when I looked at the bottom where it said "Correspondence Chess", thinking this was some sort of postal game where white must have decided to save on stamps. Just out of curiosity, if white had simply sac'd his rook at the end of that game could black have still won on time?

KN-K is draw, of course.

Actually both players thought that the result is draw, but the international arbiter beside the board had no chance but to declare it 0-1. Or he might get into trouble himself if someone reports him to the FIDE...

So if you are bravely (foolishly) trying to win on time in this ending you avoid situations as black like move 74 in the game above where the right move for White was Rxg7 which is instant insufficient material? If this had been a bishop instead of knight...draw?

@doctorputz on lichess, Masters DB games are generally said to be Correspondence but they are not. Don't believe them.
Also, If they played correspondence the rook side would probably win because ICCF (International Correspondence Chess Federation) allows engines.

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