Would the community be interested in helping me with a "Top 10 List"?

"Top 10 Things to Always Remember When at a Chess Tournament"

There are many technical exceptions and procedures to navigate that might cost you an otherwise won game.
Some of these are obvious and rely on common-sense, some of these are more involved and nuanced.

Share 'em if you got 'em!

Most obvious out of the way. Turn off your phone. =)

Don't shower or brush your teeth for a week... wear a grey hoodie encrusted with ketchup stains... also wear a flourescent green speedo.... Bring an invisible freind... have conversations with yourself about the pros and cons of Mcdonalds versus Burger king...Don't sleep for a week before the tournament.

If you are gm tell everyone your elo is not higher because of your courageous playing style, not because others could possibly be better. And if you lose always find a convenient excuse.