Would Bobby Fischer be able to beat a 1500 today?

Would Bobby Fischer in his prime be able to beat a player of a FIDE rating of 1500 today? Consider that people today have better opening theory to work with.

Sure. But he would struggle to compete >2600. No easy goin' I guess.

I recall that Bobby prepared to fight against Russian Masters by reading their books, recently in some Banther Blitz game i have heard that current World Champion gladly admits that reading The art of sacrifice by Rudolf Spielman has helped him a lot.
Bobby would have to get deep into the lecture before the play. I stopped reading the book after finding out they did not use algebraic notation :)

I didn't hear whether Caruana or Grischuk had written any books, but also didn't browse it, perhaps they did. There are at least two books about Ivanchuk but not written by them. Ok, now i see Caruana wrote some book for the trainning program, signed under his name.


Yes, if we give a 1200 the critical edition for the 21st century My System and a notebook with several memorized stockfish lines, put him in a time machine, and have him play Paul Morphy the 1200 would surely win, because “we know more about chess today” etc.

Ok, this is obviously a joke, but I think every old master, from Adolf Anderssen onwards could compete in ~2200 rating players without any knowledge of openning theory. They simply had a supreme understanding of chess and knew how to calculate and attack.

As for Bobby Fischer, just look at his 1992 games with Spassky. His theory was from 70's and he still played some brilliant chess. He would probably score high on the modern tournaments with that knowledge, although he wouldn't be at the top.

As for ~1500 rated players, they wouldn't stay a chance even aganst Gioachino Greco, let alone 20th century world champ.

99% of people do vastly overestimate themselves if they think they could beat any former World Champion just because of a bit of improved opening knowledge.

If anything, modern chess theory has shown that chess is above all concrete and without hard "rules" that one could learn from books.

Can arguably the greatest chess player of all time beat an average club player in a game of chess?
I'm gonna go "yes."