World Chess960 Championship

In the period from 2001 to 2009, four chess players won the World Chess960 Championship (the so-called "Fischer Random Chess"). However, this tournament was not officially organized again. What might be the reasons for this?

I think I read somewhere that they run out of sponsors for the event.

"There are a few other disadvantages. Traditional chess offers continuity: you see a very nice game in a certain opening or a disaster with it, and you wait for someone else to play it, to see how they fare. That is impossible in Chess960. The same applies to learning from your mistakes: if something went wrong in a game there is no incentive to look for an improvement. You are never going to get the position again."


@moriaki8000 #2 You're right. In a interview Peter Svidler talked to Leonid Romanovich of the St. Petersburg newspaper Sankt-Peterburgskiye Vedomosti, and said: "(...) when Hans-Walter Schmitt stepped down from organisational activity as a promoter of that game Chess960 went into decline. He organised tournaments in Frankfurt am Main and believed it was an important format which would help chess remain vibrant and young, but at some point his main sponsors left and the tournaments disappeared, and now there’s almost nowhere to play.(...)".

@Zane2007 #3
That's true for the opening. Traditional chess has three stages, chess960 has the same three stages. In the chess960 opening there are unexplored principles that are hoping for the investigator. Moreover the chess960 middlegame is richer than in traditional chess; and the endgame is the same as traditional chess.

To me, it feels like the "problems" of Chess960 are also the things which make it interesting: "lack of continuity" because we won't see the same opening for some time vs seeing openings which have been theorised to death in standard chess. Personally, I like that, but I can also see why some wouldn't like that.

Regular chess is 80% draw at top level.
Chess960 requires more strategic abilities, no boring theory!

@mCoombes314 #7
I agree with you. Chess960 needs fresh eyes every time, being able to see things that others do not, from the very beginning of the game.

@Vycm #8
That's right! The point of chess960 is to dispense with a lot of opening theory. Professional players would have certainly an advantage, because they're professional players, but it removes their opening knowledge which will be wider than an amateur player knowledge. Therefore the players must PLAY from the very first move, so the outcome is determined by "chess understanding" instead of memorising opening schemes.