World Championship Predictions?

Id say Carlsen will get an early lead, but he will play later careful to maintain it, not to expand it.

So ill be a "close" call due to the strategy, though Nepo wont have a real chance to win.

Easy, Carlsen will draw all the classical matches and then win in the Rapid or Blitz or Armegedon

@Katzenschinken said in #6: > I wouldn't even be surprised if both Magnus and Nepo have some secret accounts at Lichess and chessdotcom in order to test ideas without the other guy noticing it.

How many games could a player of their caliber with an untitled username show up out of nowhere and play before they were widely noticed?

@ashesayheya said in #9:
> I'm goimg to win duh. But who said old Nepo isnt going to be prepared. I can't lose like that, I dont want to go up against a center counter or try to defend with any older likr 1.Nc3 openings that may lose the likelyness I'm going to win is not and then I deserve to lose anyway, why not win. But I can't hold in a caro kann and I wont be able to easy there are fragile moves made in the caro sometimes and so I have to be careful. If I can play a Sicilian I will lose you know and if I try to hold most games I will lose. When can I get a chance un the endings imma lose thetrs no chance there for me when my game is so incomplete where as I could try some more remanevaures I cant play. Where is there the chance to gain the upper hand or properly surrender and or resign I cant do this. Where were the fans when I would try to win most games in open ruy lopez anyway or scotch gambits but there's no chance any more and I would lose anyway.
> There wont be a game were going to play that they wont praise or ahow ontv or try to publicize or broadcast and how could I ever get past sparky or the cheating or whatever,,, anyway....
> I will not ever try to explain my love of the game of chess anymore.
> And when is there a chance for me here anymore even, even you do not know when thats what I am trying to do is survive this how could I begin trying to type or spell write typing fast or trying to spell right it. Its much the same as moving peicrd on the chess board when men and women of both or other likes and as demons are trying to best destroy spelling while your trying to type.
> Nor could I try to write another book or lose another 1000 rating after ive never played much checkers but you guys know rhis much the same.
> Could I ever explain why I am supposed to be losing herr but when will I try to explain it? And why am I still facing opposition??
> Perhaps thr best question is indeed yet even now why am I going to win
> Doubt it my friends sorry,
> ashesayheya

I wish I knew what this meant...

He even has many draws I wonder how many wow that better nkt be true hed be some GM god like a wcgmg world champion grand master god like the title for a near 100% wins

@TomBrooklyn said in #14:
> How many games could a player of their caliber with an untitled username show up out of nowhere and play before they were widely noticed?

Look how many supposedly untitled players with a high rating are there at Lichess. A lot.

If Carlsen or Nepo make an account just to try out some opening ideas and not play a lot of games they will be able to safely fly under the radar.