Why was this a draw?

On black's 32nd, 34th, and 36th moves.

Simply looking for "Kb7" (the move which caused the three move repetition) was a simple answer.

So three move repetition doesn't need to be consecutive moves? I had him checked in different positions in between the B7. Never knew that.

It is not about moves but about a position. If you have three times the same position on the board it is a draw despite if it was three times in a row or not.

One little remark, it has to be the same position and the same side to move.

Also, even little things such as ability to en passant or ability to castle must be the same, the only thing that can be different is the 50 move counter iirc.

Also, it isn’t automatically a draw, somebody has to claim it. But you can enable auto-claim of such a draw in your settings.

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