Why there is cheaters?

Hi there! For anyone that love chess, to play is the target. To play means a fun for the mind. It means find ways to moviment. It means thinking and fun.
Thus: How is the reason to one be a cheater? What is the reason to make a computer think instead of his/her mind?
In a real competion, the cheater cannot to play because there is not computers. Are there money on this website to explain the excessive cheaters here? Or simplily the cheaters are loosers wich are used to lie to his/herself?

I think it has to do with people feeling like they are "beating the system." It has nothing to do with actual, personal success on the chess board. It's the same reason people cheat at school—don't you want to have the knowledge? No, they just want to have the degree. It's sad, but it's also human nature.

There's only one defining unit in the internet (offline there are more possibilities to generate happiness). Day in, day out they play for one purpose: it is increasing the rating, so people wanna push it by all means.

I guess most cheaters are <15 years old and just don´t realize how much they annoy everyone else

There is really no point in cheating at all. It just gives people a good reason to hate you

I agree with #5 it's mostly ego. Most of them are probably really bad at chess and they can't handle it so they start cheating instead of actually trying to improve. Almost as bad as cheating are the people that falsely accuse others of cheating. I just had the pleasure of playing one of those guys. He hung a pawn on like move 5, so I took it. Then several moves later he hung another pawn, so I took it. Then here comes the cheating accusations! Apparently in that guys mind, only engines are smart enough to take free pawns! I even blew my entire advantage at one point giving him a chance to draw. Even after the game he kept harrasing me. I had to block him. Some people are so stupid.

Playing with computer assistance is like solving a puzzle by first looking at the solution - not much of a challenge, and no fun at all.
I suspect sooner or later most computer players would get bored with winning game after game that they don't understand, and eventually lose interest and leave.

I have to disagree with the OP. This statement: "In a real competion, the cheater cannot to play because there is not computers. Are there money on this website to explain the excessive cheaters here?"

Ill try to post a link but if that doesn't work, please lookup IM Valeri Lilov on youtube.

It starts with Cheating Scandal in Zahar and after that, he has a few more videos about the topic. I thought it was very interesting and instead of just pointing a finger and accuse, Im Lilov did his due diligence to explain what was fishy in his opinion.

It's easy in hindsight to see that he was right, but back then, people gave him a lot of trouble for his beliefs.

There is cheaters because it's easier to appear to be a good player than to really be it.
The funny thing is, cheater waste their time, but not their opponent time if you consider it as a training session. And I like the way Lichess return me my points too when a cheater is identified. Sooner or later, he is. Because cheating is a game you cannot win, at the end.
Sooner or later it's obvious.

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