Why players are not accepting draw in %100 draw positions against a similar opponent

Because your opponent is allowed to. The opening position is also a clear draw.
Please don't offer a draw 3 times in a row. It is not polite.

@Mehzinho If it's really so clear that the opening position is a draw, then I'm sure you'll be happy to link to a study showing the correct drawing technique? :)

On the other hand I agree with your overall sentiment. If one player insists that you play on then you have no choice but to play on or to resign yourself; that's the social contract into which you enter when you agree to play the game.

I've refused draws because I didn't recognize the position as a drawn one. It's a weakness in my game; currently it's sitting at #453,981 on my list of chess related weaknesses.

You may think it is rude to not agree to a draw in a drawn position... I think it is more than pretentious to assume you can play endgames like an engine. I have lost and won several "drawn" endgames, and until I get to a level where all my opponents can play these drawn positions I will continue.

I guess he wants to keep on playing, that being his right.

I have the same question regarding 1.d4, why do players play 1.d4 when I want them to play 1.e5? They should play the way I want them to play

oops, typo, 1.e4 to be sure, to be sure.

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